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Hi -  
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for Saturday night!
It was brilliant and the music and instructions were fantastic!
Thank you soo much for letting me celebrate my birthday with such fun and laughter!!
Heather Ellis

We just want to say a massive thank you to you all for playing at our wedding on Sept 5th. We both had so much fun dancing, and keep getting told by our friends and family how brilliant they thought you all were too. Thank you for being so patient with the little ones and the drunken adults! Everyone had a blast. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to have a wedding where everyone gets on the dance floor.. and in fact have already passed your name on to a few people. 
Thank you again
Tom and Kelby Bowman 

Hi Hogwash ..
Just wanted to say how impressed my wife and I were with your repertoire of both music and song at the Dartington Apple Day yesterday. You all seemed to be enjoying yourselves, which is great for passers by to see. I even purchased one of your cd's to play in the car on our way home to Bristol and it seemed to make the trip pass much quicker! Very impressed with your young lady fiddler as well.
Ian & Molly Smythe

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for playing at our wedding last Saturday. Everyone enjoyed the music and the dancing. You were a great success. 
We were impressed with your efficiency in setting up and packing away. Thank you for staying on too. 
Kind regards,
Ben and Rachel

Every party needs music to dance to and we have a great band, with a proven record in the CEILIDH and BARN DANCE fields in Hogwash.  A five piece Dance Band that will have everyone on their feet and promenading, sidestepping and even 'do-si-doing!' Now everyone has heard of a 'do-si-do', but they do not necessarily know how to do it, so for those who want to appear more "on trend" with their dancing skills, all you have to do is face your partner, fold your arms, walk past with your right shoulder near theirs, take a step to the right and then walk backwards passing your left shoulder until you are back where you have started! Easy peasy! So whether you call this event a CEILIDH or BARN DANCE or even a SHINDIG, all you need to know is that the children will out dance the adults. We learned that the first time we held it and the youngsters repeated their amazing skills, they last for years too. In fact, sometimes you see very small children showing their Dad the steps. 
Well Wisher

Hi Hogwash
A huge thank you for playing at our wedding at Westlands Farm, Bratton Fleming on May 3rd. Everyone LOVED the music and the dancing! We’re having a big anniversary party there same time next year and we’ll be in touch again!
You were fabulous and such lovely people! 
Jackie and Andy Rodgers xx

I am so sorry it has taken so long for me to write but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the other members of the band for playing at our wedding so well and doing such a fantastic job! You guys really were fantastic, everybody loved the dancing and we had so many positive comments back from our guests on how much fun they had had on the dance floor and how great you were. It was such great entertainment for all ages and a great way to get people socialising. You were so easy and accommodating all evening and we were so grateful. We will most certainly be recommending you to others! I can only but apologise for Oliver's dancing and the shambles that our first dance started off as! :) We loved every minute of it though so really thank you. 
Please pass on our thanks to all the others who helped make it so much fun. I have attached a few photos of the dancing with some shots of you guys playing. As you can see from everyone's faces they are all having a brilliant time!
Best wishes and hope to come and hear you play again soon around Kingsbridge area!
Fiona and Ollie

Thank you for helping to make our wedding so much fun. 
The music and dancing was brilliant and I will always remember looking round and seeing so many people laughing, smiling and dancing together. 
I would definitely recommend you guys for anyone wanting a fun, happy time at a wedding, party etc. 
All our guests loved it both young and old
Will and Caroline

We just wanted to say a big thank you for all playing at Alan’s party on Saturday evening. 
We had so many people who enjoyed listening to you even though they didn’t dance and didn’t give you the recognition you deserved.
Thanks so much.
Aileen x

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for playing at our wedding on the 4th June 2012. 
It was such fun and everyone has said so!! We had such a great evening and a big part of this was due to yourselves. 
The music really appealed to all (from age 3 - 87 years!!). 
Thanks again and please put this comment on your comments page on your website.
Many Thanks and Best Wishes
Jessica and Orlando Home
This is just a short note to thank you very much for coming to the Fete on Saturday evening and delighting our visitors - young and old - with your music. 
Everyone loves to listen to the band and many who live nearby enjoy it all for free too!
The event was really well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who came and by those villagers who supported it as volunteers.
Thank you very much for taking part despite all your initial difficulties and helping to make it so successful.
Please thank all your other band members too on our behalf. 
Also do tell Tim that people were pleased to see him there. 
With best wishes. 
Sue Wellum. Co Co-ordinator. Littlehempstone Fete.

Dear Hogwash
Many apologies for not having written sooner, but thank you for playing at our wedding party on the 25th June. 
It helped to make a great day carry on into a perfect night and we all had so much fun - I would think there were very few able-bodied people that did not enjoy at least one dance!! 
Thanks also for lending your sound system for the girls' Sparkling Sparrows wheel barrow dancers-they had a great time.
Hope to see you all again soon and hope Tim is continuing to improve - best wishes to him
Shioya Walters and Family

You were fantastic last night, had loads of appreciation from our friends last night!!
Loved the dancing, your generosity to our performing friends, your fantastic musicians & wonderful harmonious singing!
Michelle & Tony

Hi Hogwash
This is our second year booking you for our Scouts Barn Dance and we've gone from strength to strength. 
After last year the word spread what a great evening we had with ages from 5 to 80 all enjoying themselves.
Thanks again for an amazing evening and hope to see you again next year.
1st Modbury Scouts & Cubs

 Dear All!
Thank you all so so much for playing so fabulously last night - you were stunning! 
You had loads of praise from lots of our friends who loved the dancing and it would appear that everyone enjoyed themselves. Hope you all got home alright and that riding the Bucking Bronco hasn't left you walking like John Wayne! 
Thank you very very much and we hope to see you all again soon.
Becks & Ben

HI guys,
We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for making our wedding evening ‘do’ a brilliant one, all our guests loved it!!
The groom had his trainers to change into, and I was getting swung around so much I was lucky my dress stayed up as some straps broke!!!
Great fun!!
Hopefully see you around this neck of the woods again soon!
Love Kate & Dave Hoskin 

Kingston, Nr Bigbury
HOGWASH, mm, where to start!!!
Kingston loves you.  
Another great St Patricks night celebration.  
You rocked, again.  
Thank you, thank you thank you.  
We raised money for our park sorry you guys didn't win the raffle!!!!  
We all danced and drank a little!  
See you all again soon.
Ally and everyone from last nights shinanigans.
Salcombe at the Fortescue, Sunday 9th August. 
What a fantastic day, first the Red Arrows and then you guys really topped the bill (not forgetting the guest appearance of Crinkles Flatley!)
We have never laughed so much, our ribs were aching.
Please come again soon and thank-you sooooooo much for making our day  
Love Bill and Pam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Great to see the website up and running !
If you guys can manage to amuse 60 German tourists  for 2 hours you must have got something right.
All the best, see you soon.
(Oh nearly forgot, Dave & Siân send their regards)
Love "Marge" (Union Inn Moretonhampstead) 

Well well, your very own web site!
Great to see the Olde Palk photos in there, thanks for some brilliant music and fun over the years. 
Look forward to seeing the best folk rabble in South Devon, NO the WORLD!!!!!! soon
Love your legendry landlady xx

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the rest of the guys for Sunday afternoon. 
Hogwash are the perfect band for the Fair and really do set a fantastic atmosphere for the afternoon. 
Everyone I spoke to said how much they'd enjoyed your set.
We'll be having the Fair as usual next year on the late May Bank Holiday weekend Sunday so I'd really appreciate you keeping that date free as we'd all very much like you to come back and play for us again.
Bill (Bill Bonham, Prawle Fair Chairman) 

Well what can I say, amazing, you guys are just awesome.  
Everyone had a brilliant time.  
Ok, would you be available for next March  ... I am planning next years bash!!!! 
Good Luck with the wedding, have fun!!

Well, what a band, brilliant, we were captivated by their full blown energy and charisma from the moment they started.  
t is of course a one man entertaining act with support musicians (loosely speaking), the lead singer and percussionist is obviously the most entertaining character we have heard in a long time, with his voice that appears to always be in perfect pitch,( highly trained no doubt) and drum playing that I haven’t heard since being at the "Victoria & Albert" hall. 
Also his gentle wit and humour that kept us amused all afternoon, I would like to add that the drum needs to be a little louder as it is played in such a way that it deserves a lead place.
The rest of the band seem to be a bunch of rag, tag and bobtail whose only interest seems to be about 101 things to do with a sheep, of which the guitar player seems to have experienced of most, if not all of them. 
Also they seemed to joke about him being their bit for "care in the community" but I personally don’t think they were joking and the other guitar player was always complaining about the price of beer, even when it was free
This lead singer is also the best looking, with his autocratic mannerisms and ‘characterful’ features only more enhanced by the rough, scruffy, unshaven, bald, pot bellied support band.
The fiddle player is probably a reasonable player when sober, and not a compulsive cider drinker, that has a tendency to go off to a different tune whilst playing another, it seems that a song about Christmas seems to cause him most problems, but luckily the singer is able to sing through all their mishaps with professionalism.
It only remains to be said that when this flamboyant singer and musician decides to go solo, then the X-factor are looking at a new winner.

An impressed admirer on a day out in Salcombe, looking for the Red Arrows.
(on day release, with a carer, glasses and hearing aid)


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